Ngabo Médard Jobert known with his stage name Meddy, is a Rwandan RnB and Pop artist, singer, songwriter based in the U.S
lets take a brief rundown on Meddy profile.
Real name: Ngabo Medard Jobert
Stage Name: Meddy
Age: 32
Nationality: Rwandan
Occupation: Singer $ Song writer
Genre: R&B

Label: PressOne Music
Relationship: --
Net Worth: $13m

Meddy Biography, Early Life & Education
Ngabo Medard Jobert was born August 7, 1989 he is based in the Us since July 4, 2010. At first, he lived in Chicago, where he was a member of PressOne music label and later moved to Texas to continue his studies, and then continued his music career.
The artist went on to make music in the U.S after he had already made a name for himself in Rwanda through various songs that started his music such as "Amayobera", "Akaramata", "Ubuntu", "Ese Urambona" and more. Throughout his career, Meddy has released and featured on many of the most popular songs in Rwanda, among Rwandans living both home and abroad. 
Meddy was born Ngabo Médard Jobert on August 7, 1989, in Bujumbura, Burundi, to is parents Sindayihebura Alphonse and Cyabukombe Alphonsine. 

His folks were additionally music darlings, his dad was just an incredible guitar player and the young fellow didn't have the chance to become more acquainted with him enough or to see him eye to eye since his dad passed on when Meddy was youthful. Meddy experienced passionate feelings for music at a youthful age on account of her mom, who used to instruct him to play Bob Marley melodies, particularly the Redemption tune. 

In spite of the fact that he grew up enamored with music in his childhood, he didn't feel that he would have been an extraordinary artist yet he felt that he would be an incredible fighter and he used to thump his little colleagues. This steady hunger for turning into a fighter drove him to work on boxing somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2003 yet his mom restricted him despite the fact that it was hard to surrender. 

Meddy went to nursery school at Ecole Independante in Burundi, and when his family got back to Rwanda he proceeded with his essential training at Ecole Primaire St. Joseph and Ecole Primaire La Colombiere later. In secondary school, Meddy examined arithmetic and material science at La Colombière Secondary School. He has frequently said that he examined Actuarial Science at Tarrant County College in Texas where he proceeded with his grown-up life.

Meddy Career

In his third year of secondary school he was an individual from the singing gathering called "Legitimized" at Zion Temple church in Kigali, where he sang with other notable artists in Rwanda including The Ben, just as music makers like Mucyo Nicolas and Mbabazi Isaac prevalently known as Lick who helped him when he began music. In spite of the fact that he is most popular for his affection tunes, Meddy frequently sings psalms to God and his first tune was designated "Igihe cy'Imana" [meaning God's Time in English] despite the fact that it never came out for his fans to hear.

These three years are an uncommon time in the existence of Meddy and his vocation since it was the point at which he originally got acclaimed in music and he quickly got quite possibly the most well known craftsmen in Rwanda because of the way that advanced music was taking root. In 2008, his melody "Ungirira Ubuntu" was delivered. At that point came "Akaramata", "Amayobera" and "Ese Urambona" delivered by Lick. This is the way his own music life has become, and these tunes have put him on the map in Rwanda.

Meddy turned out to be famous among music sweethearts in Rwanda from different melodies he has performed, for example, "Igipimo", "Ubanza Ngukunda" and "Inkoramutima" which likewise came to be named after his fans. 2010–2013 Leaving Rwanda for U.S and joining PressOne name. By 2010, Meddy and The Ben were Rwanda's most compelling specialists and performers.

On July 4, 2010, the two were among specialists gone to the United States to sing at the Urugwiro Conference, a show coordinated by the Rwandan Diaspora and afterward chose to stay. From that point forward it has become a fervently discussed story and has not satisfied their fans in Rwanda, with some blaming them for 'escaping their country' which was viewed as a culpable offense since they had no accreditations to permit them to live in the United States. In the wake of showing up in the United States, Meddy promptly got comfortable Chicago where he kept on making music in Press One music name which were made by different specialists like The Ben, rapper K8 Kavuyo and their maker Lick just as their Video Producer known as Cedru. They have by and by caught the hearts of their fans with their ability in music. On Meddy's side he acted in the US an assortment of melodies, for example, "Oya Ma", "Nasara", "Essence of God" and "Kigali" including all Press One specialists, which caused him to proceed to be well known in his motherland.

From 2013 to the current Meddy lives in Texas. In the U.S he has played out an assortment of mainstream melodies including "Ntawamusimbura", "Burinde Bucya", "Adi Top" and "Gradually" which has made his name well known in different nations like Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and in different other countries. Meddy is additionally viewed as quite possibly the most mainstream craftsmen in Burundi where he was born.In 2015 Meddy began advancing his show visit called "Ni Njyewe Meddy" which was to be acted in different European nations and end up in Rwanda.

He started the shows in different US states, proceeded in Canada, closing his outing to Africa where he acted in Kenya and Tanzania and later rejoined with his fans in Rwanda. At precisely 3:50pm, August 26, 2017, the Slowly hit creator, left appearance door at Kigali International Airport. This denoted the homecoming of loved Meddy, who left Rwanda for a very long time in a fairly dubious accomplishment. Hanging tight for his appearance were many his fans, relatives and friends. In Rwanda, he played out a memorable show on September 2, 2017, which was welcomed by an enormous horde of fans who had pressed into the nursery of the Golden Tulip Hotel in Nyamata Town, where it was held. The show was trailed by different visits around the nation coordinated via Airtel Rwanda. Meddy kept on being welcome to different shows in Rwanda and in the district. The uber ones in Rwanda incorporate 'Kwita Izina

In November 2019, Meddy performed at Wasafi Festival which occurred at Posta and Kijitonyama jungle gyms in Tanzania. This Festival were coordinated by Wasafi Record Label having a place with eminence Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz. In spite of performing just a single tune because of a long queue up of artistes and restricted time, Meddy making the most of his experience in front of an audience, chiming in with the fans who appeared to know the "Gradually", one of his melodies.

Meddy Net Worth
Meddy is estimated to be worth about $13m.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: @meddyonly
Twitter: @meddyonly
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