Deborah Giwa
Deborah Giwa is a dark, lovely and beautiful model who loves and does the craft really well. She hails from somewhere in the South Western part of Nigeria.
She is known for beautiful dark face and nicely shaped body. Let's take a brief rundown on Deborah Giwa Biography and some interesting facts about her.

Real Name: Adebayo Deborah Adeolapo Taiwo
Modeling Name: Deborah Giwa
Age: 23 yrs
Date of birth: -/-/1998
Place Of Birth: Lagos State
State Of Origin: South west Nigeria
Maternal Home: Logo State
Occupation: Model, Actress
Relationship: Not Single
Net Worth: $26,000

Deborah Giwa Biography, Education And Career

Deborah Giwa is a dark, lovely and beautiful model who loves and does the craft really well. As at the time this article was written, this is the available informations about this wonderful lady.

According to a page in the Mystreetz Magazine ( DJ Neptune edition) this was written about her:
If it’s easy for humans to sympathize with their fellow human when they are frail or no more, it should also be that easy for them to find a space in their heart to rejoice with those that are moving mountains and defying the odds to achieve their goals in life. This lady is one whose story has moved me; I just have to commend her efforts. I was done and dusted with my editorial when her story came through but it was so encouraging and motivational, I found a way to slot it in. Despite experiencing her fair share of obstacles while growing up, her desire to become an outstanding model has not been easy. She has fought both emotional and psychological battles to achieve her goals thus far.

Deborah Giwa, Aged 23, with a statistics of 32, 28, 34 and standing at 5ft 8inches, Adebayo Deborah Adeolapo Taiwo’s road to enjoying a good life and achieving her goal of modelling has been rocky. Eccabelle as she’s called is a twin and the last born of six children. After losing her father at age six, it was her mum that worked hard to be the father and the mother in her life. At age 2, She was separated from her twin sister. The sister was sent to their paternal grandmother while she was sent to their maternal granny in Kogi State although she got to see her twin because the distance was not that much. Eccabelle returned to Lagos at age 14 and finished her secondary school education at age 18. During her college education, she was very active in sports; she stood out not only because of her height but also her passion towards life in general. Even though being tall was great for the sport, it didn’t do well for her self-esteem as kids always made fun of her. Called silly nicknames because she was skinny and tall.

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She became aware of her love for modelling and fashion from watching a lot of entertainment and fashion TV programmes. Considering the fact that most family folks have a wrong perception of the modelling industry, it was very difficult from the onset for her to make her family see reasons why she wanted to choose that career path. However, they say where there’s a will, there is a way. One of her elder ones supported her to go for auditions and casting calls. Because of her lack of experience, it was hard at the beginning but she was never one to give up, she knew deep inside she would make it. Unfortunately, in February 2015 a slight adversity occurred when she had an abnormal growth at the back of her left ear that left her in pains. After series of treatment, it was still there for months and that took a lot away from her self-confidence. She hardly went out and would cry for hours but by the end of May of that year, with no explanation, the pain stopped. With lots of encouragement from family and friends she got her mojo back. This lady that could not go out without covering up with scarfs, has gone ahead to be featured in several beauty shoots, hair campaigns and shows. With every shoot and audition, her passion grows stronger as she continues to pursue her dream of becoming one of the standout models from this country.

_Culled from Mystreetz Magazine( DJ Neptune edition)

Deborah Giwa Net Worth

Deborah a nice and beautiful model that loves and is passionate about the craft, she is currently estimated to be worth about $26,000.

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Instagram: @evolvebygd
Twitter: @evolvebygd

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