Christopher Chike Ajah known as Morien is the second born in a family of five. Morien is a very talented singer from Nigeria.
No doubt this guy is one of the fast rising artists pushing through in the industry.
In this article we shall be seeing Morien Biography, age, early life, net worth and all you need to know about him. Before we continue, let's take a brief rundown on Morien profile.

Real Name: Christopher Chike Ajah
Stage Name: Morien
Age: Not yet verified
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Genre: Afro Pop
Label: Etins Record Ltd
Net Worth: $7,000

Morien Biography, Early Life And Education

Morien was born in the early 1990s. He started music at a very young age and According to him, he had always had the  intention to pursue a career in Music, performing in different local shows and events.

Armed with a sultry voice and undeniable charisma, Morien possesses the ability to serenade listeners with his Songs. He describes music as a way of expressing himself through the mind of the average African. In his words;

“My music is both a poetic and harmonic expression of myself. I see it as representation of my unique stand in the entertainment industry. …I make music based on the way I feel at a particular moment, so basically, it is an expression of my emotions. Irrespective of our diverse taste in music, I always try to create a balance with my sound.”

After a few years of doing the musical craft on his own, he was discovered and signed by Etins Record LTD, and that was a huge boost to his career which resulted in the release of his debut EP “Morien EP” in 2019.

Morien Music Career

He believes  that the end game to making great music is to make real impact which he explicitly explains in his own words thus;

“There should always be a connection whenever people listen to a particular music; the sound, the lyrics, the rhythm and every component of the song needs to work together in passing the message across. So whenever someone listens to it they will be able to decipher the message and mood of the artist; more like putting them in the state of mind of the Singer/songwriter

This is to show that whatever happens from now, you can expect Morien to be a spotlight name in the industry very soon and join the mass exodus of Nigerian talents onto the international stage into worldwide recognition.

With his song, “Maria” steadily gaining ground and a potentital banger, Morien  is gradually pushing to the spotlight.

Morien Net Worth

Morien is talented with his crooning voice, he is currently estimated to be worth about $7,000.

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